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Glen D.Hardin

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Glen is known for being one of the famous “Crickets” and it was my pleasure to have him as part of the band on the 2016 concert at The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton…along with the great James Burton…..and what a nice unassuming guy he was…a delight.

Donny Osmond

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I met Donny when I was working with Monty Lister on Radio Merseyside…he was there to promote one of his shows…he was as nice as he seems a really great guy with time for everyone…I used this photo on my Christmas cards…from the two Donnys…..and just in case you were wondering…I’m the one on the left !!!

The Bachelors

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I met Con & Dec Clusky when I compered one of their shows.It is always nice to meet people who were part of your past and I found these two fellas to still have that Irish charm and a glint in their eyes.They were really nice to me and I think we would make a good trio…especially with that young bloke in the middle…Hey!!..I heard that!! One of my early girlfriends used to really fancy Dec…if she could see me now!!..that’ll teach her to chuck me.
What a lovely man…everything you would expect.It was my pleasure to compere a show he was in and he was an absolute delight as indeed was his wife.I would work with him any time.
He had the crowd in pleats.Should be Knighted.
Not one of the most famous faces in showbiz but he is one of the best session drummers around. Pictured here backstage after a show with me and my son Steve he was telling us that he was presently topping the charts as he was the drummer on “Show Me The Way To Amarillo” which had just been re-released thanks to Peter Kay…He has also drummed on countless other chart toppers.He was an original member of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates and featured on the classic “Shakin’ All Over”. I told him we always have a bit of a problem with the drum break when we play that song…and he informed us that HE hadn’t got it right on the record but they left it in!!…great time to tell us!!…We love Clem.

Patrick Moore

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I met Patrick in Tromso,Norway,while working with Monty Lister of Radio Merseyside.He is unbelievably larger than life,and tells hilarious anecdotes.He is not only interested in what YOU have to say but asks questions about you!! I casually asked him whether the Moon landings were genuine and he said”I WAS THERE!!..PART OF THE TEAM…OF COURSE THEY LANDED ON THE MOON!!”
…which is good enough for me.My pleasure to have met this delightful chap…a one-off….and sadly missed.

Mike Berry

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Mike was a 60’s popstar with his band “The Outlaws” and was a great guy to work with.He still has it and can belt out a song.He is also known for playing Mr.Spooner in “Are You Being Served”…recognise him?…A really nice fella.

Tommy Allsup played most of the guitar solos on Buddy Holly’s records.Although he is a highly respected session man and has featured on numerous hits he is best known as the man who flipped the coin to see who got the last seat on Buddy Holly’s ill-fated final flight…it was between him and Richie Valens…Richie won the toss
and the rest,as they say,is history.
Tommy still carried the coin……sadly no longer with us.

Rod Hull

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I had the pleasure of backing his act on a local theatre.I found him a quiet thoughtful man…and a gentleman.That Emu is definitely real.A really nice man and a sad loss…..I asked him about the infamous interview with Michael Parkinson and he changed the subject…so did I quickly ..however when he was on stage HE mentioned Parky and Emu turned round and gave me a wink….a wonderful moment.

The Krankies

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I once wrote a song for Cannon and Ball who rejected it so I sent it to The Krankies who were appearing locally.Never heard any more until I was watching the Royal Command Performance and on they came and sang the song!! I nearly fell over.This was in the early 80’s and it wasn’t until the late nineties that I eventually bumped into them as we were on the same show at a local theatre.I made myself known and we have been friends ever since.Since then I have been writing songs for them for Christmas Pantos and cruises ever since
I went to spend the day with them in Blackpool and catch their show…which was great.
However I got done for speeding on the way home!!…DOH!!
Janette and Ian are an absolute fandabidozi delight.

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