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It was a pleasure and a privilege to present a cheque for £2000 on behalf of The Cheshire Cats to the wonderful Liverpool Women’s Hospital which will help towards the marvellous work they do on behalf of babies and their young mums.

…here are some of the wonderful staff who selflessly make a massive difference to so many lives…The Cheshire Cats and I salute you ladies…I can’t thank you enough….


The Cheshire Cats were delighted to present a cheque for £3000 to our local children’s hospice Claire House…nice to be able to make a difference.

…here’s myself and Phil Moy presenting the money to Loren on behalf of all the musicians and supporters of the Cheshire Cats who meet up every Wednesday and deliver rock and roll to an enthusiastic crowd….all money raised goes to local charities for sick and underprivileged kids……check us out on


Back in the 80’s I wrote and produced an album of wrestling songs for wrestler Adrian Street….this has recently been re-released in The U.S. in it’s original state except it is now on clear vinyl with blood splatterings …also on CD AND cassette….I knew it would come back to haunt me one day……this album is available from Burger Records…

…I actually produced two albums for Adrian “Shake Wrestle and Roll” and “Naughty But It’s Nice”….I am putting all the songs from both albums on to one complete CD ….in fact every song we recorded together…21 in all…The Complete Exotic Adrian and The Piledrivers …NOT for the fainthearted but a collectors item for grappling fans…….advance copies are available at the moment for his admirers…details can be obtained by Emailing me          As I said this item is NOT for the faint hearted …NOT for the politically correct brigade…NOT for the easily offended….it is raw pure classic Adrian !!!….21 original tracks…unbeatable!!                 certain tracks have been featured on MTV in The States and in the film “Grunt – The Wrestling Movie”…

Every week I do a podcast with my pal Vince Tracy who broadcasts from Benidorm in Spain….we chat and rant about the news in general …no-one is safe….double click on the links below if you want to have a listen to the recent ones…..

30th May…we discuss how we handle heatwaves (or not) in this country…airports being struck by lightning…morons on the beach leaving their rubbish behind….an audience with Cliff Richard….Sir John Mills….plus a song from wrestler Adrian Street breaking a few bones….click on the link below let it load up and enjoy….

9th May….we discuss the recent hot weather and the fashions it creates…the Scottish alcohol problem and how NOT to solve it…the unnecessary commentaries on the world snooker championships…and the upcoming Eurovision….rounding off with a song remembering all the forgotten pop stars….double click on the link below let it load up and enjoy

2nd May…..we discuss the final episode of Last Laugh In Vegas with the raging stars living the dream…also the excessive coverage of the royals and their weddings and babies…plus ABBA…Gilbert O’Sullivan…and The Bay City Rollers who got ripped off big time….all this and an insight on how to not get ripped off in showbiz…double click on the arrow in the link below…let it load up…and enjoy.

11th April….we discuss the “Last laugh in Vegas”…a strange TV programme featuring old…nay very old…”stars from the past…..the modern BBC weather forecast charts which no-one can understand…football hooligans….Saturday Night Takeaway in Florida without Ant….plus more…and a classic wrestling song which Exotic Adrian Street used to enter the ring to…..double click on the arrow on link below…let it load up and enjoy.

4th April 2018….we discuss modern music and how it seems to have lost its way….and banks and insurance companies pretending be our friends while trying to fleece us….and the modern craze of overspending on things you can’t afford….plus the Lake District’s recent award….rounding off with a song about The Isle Of Man…all good stuff….double click on the link below and let it load up

21 March 2018…we discuss The Beach Boys Pet Sounds….Ant McPartlin’s drink driving charge….the soap storylines and the poor standard of television …driverless cars and one of my Radio Merseyside jingles from back in the day….double click on the link below and let it load up.




for past podcasts Google “vince tracy don woods”


Check Vince out on       lots of great entertainment.      



Below are some of the personalities I have had the pleasure to know and work with.

James Burton

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In 2008 it was my privilege to perform an hour of Ricky Nelson’s hits backed by the man who played on his records…the great James Burton….whom I have been a massive fan of since I was at school….James has backed many big names including Roy Orbison…Jerry Lee Lewis…Bobby Vee…Emmy Lou Harris…etc …etc…and was Elvis’s lead guitarist during the Vegas years…

Since then I have played another 7 concerts with him and enjoyed every second…to play with one of you heroes is good but when he ends up as your mate it is special…he is a great guy and a joy to work with…I can now add my name to all those who have had the opportunity to say “Play it James”

This was the 2008 concert….the other pictures are a selection of concerts over the following years……

YEP……..”Play It James”

Albert Lee

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Albert is one of the world’s leading guitarists and has backed many stars from The Everly Brothers…to Shakin’ Stevens and Jerry Lee lewis and numerous others…I met him during a show at Fort Perch Rock on Wirral and we talked about guitars (what else)…he was on Radio Merseyside that afternoon and Billy Butler played my song “The Ballad of Randolph Scott” (see YouTube)…which he enjoyed…so I gave him the CD with it on (can’t see Jerry Lee doing it)……what a nice guy and what a guitarist!!!

…I actually rehearsed with him AND James Burton….Johnny B.Goode with these two backing you doesn’t get much better…..rock on!!

Bobby Vee

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I opened the show for Bobby on two occasions….The Floral Pavilion in New Brighton and The North Wales Theatre in Llandudno…he was undoubtedly one of the nicest guys (if not THE nicest) I have ever met….an absolute delight and we hit it off straight away discussing his hits over a coffee and how he was rocketed to fame at the gig Buddy Holly never showed up to after his plane crash….it was a pleasure to have worked with him…..he will be sadly missed.

Johnny Preston

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Johnny was known for his massive 60’s hit “Runnin’ Bear” and he was on the bill of the Bobby Vee shows in New Brighton and Llandudno which I opened on both occasions…he was a quiet gentle guy and we chatted about his long career…a pleasure to have worked with….sadly no longer with us.

The stepmum and stepsister of Paul….they were a part of Mingard Music,a publishing company I was signed to in the 70s….they moved to America where they still reside and run various companies…we are still in touch and I learned a lot from this dynamic duo which resulted in me forming my own publishing and record company in 1980…great friends and a pleasure to know…check out their website.



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With a reputation of being the loose cannon of Rock and Roll I found him to be a really nice chap….he was at one of the James Burton concerts I was part of and I had a chat with him in the green room….he told me he was a carpenter by trade and when he worked in one of the Liverpool clubs I saw him in during the 70’s he actually did a bit of work on the ceiling during the day to make his money up….he was a real good laugh…he told me I looked like Dick Van Dyke…which I have been told since I was 21 !!!….but I forgive him.

Joe Conroy

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Joe and I became friends through a shared admiration of pop star Bobby Vee….he has a radio station in the States called Doowop Radio…

Like myself he is a bid fan of droop music which he features on his radio programme where he goes under the name of DJ Brad…..we co-wrote a droop song together called “DooWop Days” which can be found on YouTube….this resulted in me writing an album of songs in that style…a labour (or labor as Joe would say) of love.

We mail each other regularly mainly concerning our golf games….great guy.

Sir John Mills

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It was my pleasure and privilege to meet one of our great actors….Radio Merseyside’s Monty Lister and myself interviewed him in Liverpool…we talked about his illustrious career and I mentioned the film “Ice Cold In Alex” and how I’ll always remember him drinking that pint of beer at the end….he took my arm and said “Lager….it was Lager not beer…and the take you saw was the 15th….by which time I was totally pissed”….he was the ultimate gentleman and a delight to have met….sadly no longer with us.

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