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The Cheshire Cats were delighted to present a cheque for £3000 to Claire House Children’s Hospice….we have made many donations over the years and will continue to do so……..well done to all the bands and the helpers….we meet very wenesday at The Withens Lane Social Club in Wallasey….check us out on our website   www.thecheshirecats.co.uk



Had the Krankies on to me….they require a Xmas song for their Panto in Glasgow….which they do each year…..the song will be used in a sketch where Janette plays Kim Jong-un and Ian plays Donald Trump…..they are hilarious on and off stage and very easy to write songs for.


This was November 7th 2008…….the first concert with James Burton…the first of eight over the next 10 years

…This is 7th November 2018….exactly 10 years to the night….at The Cheshire Cats jam night …where myself and Derek Green invited Mike White along (as he was part of the original show) and we played some of the Ricky Nelson hits featured in the original show…it was a real pleasure….great memories…

….Mike,Me and Deggsy……..check us out on      www.thecheshirecats.co.uk 



The Cheshire cats were delighted to donate £1000 to a local fundraising organisation called The Jack Daley Histio Fund  which raises money in aid of histiocytosis which is a rare cancer which developes in children…

….here’s Jack receiving our cheque….the money will go to Histio UK….young Jack is a member of The Soccer Dome in Wirral…they can be checked out on their website          www.soccerdome.biz               if you fancy making a donation details can be obtained from          play@soccerdome.biz

The Cheshire Cats are always glad to know rock and roll can make a difference …check us out        www.thecheshirecats.co.uk 



We were delighted to welcome Chan Romero and his band who were our guests at The Cheshire Cats….Chan wrote “Hippy Hippy Shake” which has been performed and recorded by so many bands….I had a chance to chat with him about his early days in rock and roll where he mixed with the likes of Jerry Lee and Elvis….

…what a delightful chap and a privilege to know….a true legend…loved him.



It was a pleasure and a privilege to present a cheque for £2000 on behalf of The Cheshire Cats to the wonderful Liverpool Women’s Hospital which will help towards the marvellous work they do on behalf of babies and their young mums.

…here are some of the wonderful staff who selflessly make a massive difference to so many lives…The Cheshire Cats and I salute you ladies…I can’t thank you enough….



The Cheshire Cats were delighted to present a cheque for £3000 to our local children’s hospice Claire House…nice to be able to make a difference.

…here’s myself and Phil Moy presenting the money to Loren on behalf of all the musicians and supporters of the Cheshire Cats who meet up every Wednesday and deliver rock and roll to an enthusiastic crowd….all money raised goes to local charities for sick and underprivileged kids……check us out on   www.thecheshirecats.co.uk


Back in the 80’s I wrote and produced an album of wrestling songs for wrestler Adrian Street….this has recently been re-released in The U.S. in it’s original state except it is now on clear vinyl with blood splatterings …also on CD AND cassette….I knew it would come back to haunt me one day……this album is available from Burger Records…

…I actually produced two albums for Adrian “Shake Wrestle and Roll” and “Naughty But It’s Nice”….I have put all the songs from both albums on to one complete CD ….in fact every song we recorded together…21 in all…The Complete Exotic Adrian and The Piledrivers …NOT for the fainthearted but a collectors item for grappling fans……. copies are available for his admirers from the “SHOP” section of this website         As I said this item is NOT for the faint hearted …NOT for the politically correct brigade…NOT for the easily offended….it is raw pure classic Adrian !!!….21 original tracks…unbeatable!!                 certain tracks have been featured on MTV in The States and in the film “Grunt – The Wrestling Movie”…

Every week I do a podcast with my pal Vince Tracy who broadcasts from Benidorm in Spain….we chat and rant about the news in general …no-one is safe….double click on the links below if you want to have a listen to the recent ones…..

August 1st…we discuss the return of wrestling to TV…Paul McCartney’s surprise concert at the Cavern….the stupid proposed hose pipe ban and the ridiculous fines which will be levied…Fake news and the gullibility of our wonderful population of sheep who believe anything ….the tripe on BBC news….plus a classic song I produced for my wrestling pal Adrian Street…..click on the link below let it load up and enjoy the rant. 

25th July….we discus the necessity of life jackets following the boating disaster in Missouri….and strikes which effect hundreds of people not involved…..Cliff Richard’s case against the BBC and their pathetic claim that it effects the “freedom of the press”…the Donald Trump witch hunt with everyone jumping on the bandwagon…The Beatles later songs….the P.C. brigade suggesting the violence of Punch and Judy….plus a tribute song to my friend Bobby Vee….click on the link below and let it load up and let’s rock….

18th July….we discuss the one sided BBC coverage of Trump’s visit to the U.K. and the stupid childish balloon….World Cup “Heroes” who LOST…John Lennon…the suggestion by one of our wonderful feminists that wolf whistling should be a criminal offence (or not)….the upcoming hosepipe ban after a winter of flash floods washing away houses and cars….all good stuff….plus a classic wrestling song….click on the link below and enjoy the rant.

4th July….we discuss the problem of drought after a winter of record floods….the Brexit fiasco…the re-mastering of rock and roll classics adding the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra….the appearance at our local weekly jam session of Chan Romero …the guy who wrote Hippy Hippy Shake….indeed a legend….Jane McDonald and her TV cruises and record sales….plus a song from the heart about my beloved River Mersey…double click on the link below…let it load up…and enjoy.



for past podcasts Google “vince tracy don woods”


Check Vince out on      www.vincetracy.com       lots of great entertainment.      



Below are some of the personalities I have had the pleasure to know and work with.

11 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE”

  1. Ian Pentin says:

    Don. Are you free on Saturday the 16th Sept 17 re a party
    for the Rotary Club of Heswall at Heswall Golf Club.My phone number is 0151 342 4239. Many Thanks.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ian….nice to hear from you….I’ve sent you an Email….best wishes …Don

  2. Roy says:

    Hi Don,

    Me and a large group of friends really love your songs about the Wirral. Do you ever perform live or even better are you available for bookings? We would to put a gig on if you would be interested?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Roy…..nice to hear from you…I’ve sent you ann Email….cheers

  3. Michael Frain says:

    I have just viewed your wonderful ‘Wirral Villages’ –
    memories and tears came flooding back having once lived in Port Sunlight and Neston (over 50 years ago).
    My family are always at a loss as to what to get me for Christmas etc., now no longer the case.
    Thank you for such wonderful memories beautifully played and sung.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Mike…it’s always nice to know my DVDs are enjoyed…it’s a wonderful place to live as you know…thanks again for your nice comments which are much appreciated….best wishes.

  4. Helen Gadsby says:

    Hi Don,
    Through my friends Jean & Michael McCarthy I have heard some of your songs so it was great when Michael said you were friends & that he would contact you to ordered all of your cd’s that are on your website for me & that he was going to ask you if you wouldn’t mind signing them for me, i’m really looking forward to getting my text from Michael to say that he has them for me🖒 I’d like to thank you in advance for taking the trouble of signing them for me & that i’m really looking forward to listening to them. 🖒🤗

    1. admin says:

      Hi Helen….thanks for the nice comments which are much appreciated….I’ve known Mike from our schooldays…he’s a great guy….I’ve sent you an Email….best wishes….Don

  5. Helen Gadsby says:

    Hi Don,
    Oh my word! Where do I start?
    Your cd’s have given me the feel good factor!
    They are blummin brilliant!
    There are so many that are now my favourites!
    This year I challenged myself to walk up Snowdon so your “I made It To The Top” I thought was fabulous!
    Your “Stars cd” made me chuckle, (Poor Barbara Stanwyck!! Lol)
    I love your Doo Wop cd, that is brilliant!
    Oh! How I wish I could go back in time, yes! A taxi to the past would be perfect!
    As for your Mersey songs . .
    Gosh! I could go on & on . .
    Such fantastic tracks,
    Thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face & for taking the time to sign each cd for me.
    Please let me know if you ever do a live performance, I would love tickets for that. Xx

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the nice comments Helen…they are much appreciated … so glad you enjoyed my music XXX

  6. Brian J Graham says:

    Hi Don,
    Richie Prescott was a great friend and my Best Man at a previous marriage. Whilst we might a few times in recent years but, to discover he had recently died is a great shock and immensely sad. If possible, I would appreciate knowing how he died. I met him in ASDA on his 60th birthday full of life and energy. You may recall meeting me as the Floral Pavilion (old) photographer and yes I do have a few photos! Thank you for any response.

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